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A passion for content coupled with growing global demand for local production lead Tanweer into yet another sector of the media industry: content production. Based in the south of Athens, Greece, Tanweer Productions focuses entirely on producing quality cinema, TV and digital content to service both the Greek and international marketplace. With some of the most talented writers, directors, producers and crew, Tanweer Production’s vision is to develop and produce fascinating stories while simultaneously appealing to a wide audience.

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The biggest production in Greek cinema historyFilio Williams, an elderly Greek-American, rushes to Mytilene with her granddaughter Helen to support the Syrian refugees. No one knows her origin, no one knows that her Smyrna grandmother Filio Baltatzi, once found herself on the same island as a persecuted refugee. The notebook with the recipes of the namesake grandmother unfolds the turbulent history of the cosmopolitan Baltatzi family, as shaped by the tragic international developments that determined the fate of entire nations. Different generations of women of the same family are united in space and time, through the threads of history. Present and past become one.