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Tanweer - The Tattoo aka ΤΟ Τατουαζ

The Tattoo aka ΤΟ Τατουαζ

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Anna is a greek woman born and raised in London, married to Tony, a half greek – half british heir to a big shipping company, but their marriage is nothing but happy. Anna is going on vacation to Greece with her best friend Nichole. In Greece Anna has arranged to meet with Alex, a guy she met on facebook and have been talking for a year. Anna and Alex fall in love from their first touch and everything seems to be going great. They enjoy their time together at the island where he lives, until one night… Alex disappears. Anna looks everywhere for him and when she can’t find him she asks for help from his parents and the three of them go to his house, where an unpleasant surprise is waiting…

released on. 2017

cast. Elena Liasidou, Chrysa Papa, Katerina Geronikolou

tags DRAMA

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