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Tanweer - The Last Note

The Last Note

Deals With One of the Most Important Chapters of Modern Greek History...

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Leading character of the story is the 34-year-old Napoleon Soukatzidis, a Cretan with Asia Minor origin, who fought and was held in prisons and exiles since 1936. During his imprisonment in Chaidari, he served as an interpreter to the German commander of the camp, Karl Fischer. He witnessed the drama of German savagery during the occupation, the tortures, the tragic incidents and the heavy atmosphere in the chambers of those imprisoned. Many different lives, many personal stories of fear, friendship, companionship, hope, dreams.Outside the camp, Napoleon’s fiancée, Hara Lioudaki, with vigor, patience and deep love stood next to her fiancé, even if their meetings lasted only for a few moments during visiting hours, and always under the supervision of armed guards.The fate of Napoleon, and his 199 co-imprisoners in Chaidari, was determined as a result of the Greek Resistance ambush against the German Military General in Laconia, in a canyon of the Molaoi region. It was decided that the death of General Krech and three German escorts had to be retaliated with the execution of 50 Greeks for each German.Soukatzidis is on the list, along with 200 other people. On the day of execution, he faces a life dilemma, when Fischer, who had developed a particular interest for the Greek interpreter, gives him the opportunity to be excluded from the execution, replacing him with another prisoner.

released on. October 26, 2017

director. Pantelis Voulgaris
cast. Andreas Konstantinou, André Hennicke, Melia Kreiling, Tasos Dimas, Enea Camati, Vassilis Koukalani, Loukas Kiriazis


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