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Tanweer - Ekaterina aka Екатерина

Ekaterina aka Екатерина

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Season 1: The daughter of an impoverished Prussian Prince prepares to marry the future Tsar of Russia, Peter III. She dreams of love, but the Tsar prefers war games and shows little interest in women. Her girlish innocence soon disappears into vice, her tender nature is replaced by cold fury, and she channels her loneliness into a quest for power.

Season 2: New season of the historical TV drama about private life of the most powerful Russian Empress Ekaterina II. After the death of her husband, she became the most powerful woman in both Russia and Europe. In just five years she would be known as ‘Catherine the Great’. Ahead are brilliant military victories, the Golden Age of arts and sciences, her fight against conspiracies and passionate romances.

director. Aleksandr Branov, Ramil Sabitov
cast. Marina Aleksandrova, Isabel Schosnig, Aleksandr Yatsenko


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