Mission Statement

‘To exceed the expectations of our clients and business associates by providing them with high quality services, applying our long lasting business expertise and resources, while focusing on innovative, market-driven projects with the objective of a mutually beneficial outcome.’

Tanweer Group is a leader in the provision of theatrical and television content, studio and production services focusing in the regions of India %26amp; SAARC, Middle East %26amp; North Africa (MENA), Turkey, Cyprus, Switzerland, South Eastern Europe and Sub Saharan Africa. With 25 years of experience in the media industry, Tanweer Group has become an expert in the regions specializing in content distribution, dubbing and subtitling, production and post production.

Our outstanding reputation throughout international marketplaces in mainly attributed to:

Our translating, subtitling, dubbing and editing studios are strategically located in all the key territories allowing us to maintain personal contact with our clients and cast local talent ensuring accurate and authentic language services. The quality, speed and efficiency of our studio services are unrivalled in the regions.

Our studio facilities combined with our distribution operations allows Tanweer Group to offer a full range of services. This enables us to provide comprehensive content and the greatest breadth of operations compared to any competitor in the regions.

Attending annually all major film and television markets including Cannes Film Festival, AFM, Berlin Film Festival, MIPCOM, MIPT TV, LA Screening, NAPTE, DISCOP.

The Group has developed a network of branch offices strategically located in Athens, Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Jeddah, Kuwait, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai.

In addition to established offices in the previous territories, Tanweer has alliances offices in Switzerland and Turkey. As we are expanding, we are now in the process of opening new offices in more territories such as Eastern Europe therefore new branches are along the pipeline in Poland and Romania, though its subsidiaries, namely:

Tanweer Group was founded in 1985 by its President Joseph Samaan. As a testament to his success, Joseph Samaan has been elected Vice President of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce since 2005. Mr. Samaan has been a guest speaker at various conferences and festivals such the Arab European Business Forum, MIP and MIPCOM. He was subsequently involved in numerous trade missions, seminars and summits with prominent and leading representatives of both public and private sectors across the Middle East, Europe, India %26amp; SAARC and the Americas.

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